Ken Judi

Ken’s consulting expertise comes from three decades of professional experiences in the military and for-profit corporate world, in addition to being managing partner at a privately-held team-building consulting firm. Ken founded The Medlin Group in 2003 with his wife, Judi. Ken and Judi believed that the combined knowledge and real-world background they each brought to the table was worth something, especially to other executives.

​They wanted to integrate their respective viewpoints, expertise, outcomes, and mistakes to benefit those currently in leadership positions. Since 2003 The Medlin Group has provided services to CEOs, Presidents, Chief Operating Officers, Executive Vice Presidents, and other senior operational leaders across diverse industries and lines of business. In 2006 the company also began providing leadership and team-based consulting to Senior Pastors, Executive Pastors, and other leaders in charge of departmental ministries.

Today, The Medlin Group serves for-profit corporate clients as well as non-profit organizations, churches and ministries. Ken’s work career started when he was in his teens, cropping tobacco at his uncle’s farm in North Carolina and working a steel mill floor in Florida. In fact, there was never a time in Ken’s life when he didn’t work. After serving in the Air Force and beginning his civilian career in finance at Atlantic National Bank, Ken was hired by Southern Bell as a lineman, climbing telephone poles and fixing lines. Yet Ken knew his natural gifting was in sales and he was selected, even without prior, formal selling experience, to join the newly formed sales organization at AT&T. To Ken, selling is about serving, putting the client first above everything else, and building strong and lasting relationships.

AT&T management recognized and applauded Ken’s professional selling abilities while also encouraging him to complete his educational aspirations. While Ken held his full-time executive management role at the company, he completed his formal college education, receiving a BA degree from National Lewis University. Ken’s uncompromising principles and exceptional customer partnerships quickly catapulted him into the role of AT&T Vice President, heading up the State of Florida and leading teams of hundreds.

Ken consistently put into practice his two foundational beliefs – “Do the right thing every time” and “It’s all in the execution”. Those tenets apply across the board – in the corporate world and the non-profit arena, in work and in leisure, with CEOs and with citizens. Ken practiced what he believed in his multiple Chairman roles at the Greater Orlando Chamber of Commerce, the Heart of Florida United Way, and the Central Florida Multiple Sclerosis Society. When Ken was appointed by the Governor of the State of Florida to serve on the Board of Directors of Prison Rehabilitative Industries, he experienced first-hand the intense impact that a committed leader with an articulated vision can make for an underserved constituency lacking hope or voice in mainstream culture.

Following his retirement from AT&T, Ken took on his first official consulting role as a partner at Breakthroughs Inc., a firm focused on coaching and team building. Ken’s experience at Breakthroughs provided meaningful perspectives, understandings, and competencies that fueled Ken’s interest in launching The Medlin Group. Ken’s ideology that “selling is serving” takes on more expansive definition when he challenges himself and others to move from being successful to being significant, a belief that fuels Ken’s choices even now.